2020 Update: Ofsted Report May 2018
2020 Update: Ofsted Monitoring Report April-2019

Principal's Summary:

“I am pleased and proud to be able to share with you that the unannounced Ofsted monitoring visit that took place on April 29th 2019 was positive and confirms the success of measures taken this year to continue to improve the standard of education that we provide at Open Box Education Centre. I have attached the final report for your information. This report confirms that all the independent school standards are now met.

For those of you who are not aware, following our previous Ofsted Inspection in May 2018, two of the eight Independent School Standards were identified as areas for improvement. During this academic year 2018-19, the staff and governors have been working hard to address these areas in anticipation of the Ofsted monitoring inspection.

The areas identified as requiring improvement at the 2018 inspection were as follows:

· an effective system is needed to measure pupils’ attainment when they joined the school to help measure pupils’ progress accurately
· senior leaders needed to ensure that all the independent school standards were met

Here are some positive comments from the report:

“The issues raised at the May 2018 inspection have been addressed.”
“ Leaders have ensured that these independent school standards are now met.”
“Effective action has been taken to ensure that the independent school standard for the leadership and management of the school is now met.”
“Leaders have rightly identified their next priority as embedding the school’s systems for assessing pupils’ progress in order to ensure that all pupils are challenged to achieve their very best.”
“Individual governors have oversight of aspects of the independent school standards and conduct regular audits to check on the school’s compliance with these.”
“The inspector’s visits to lessons showed that teachers’ planning takes better account of pupils’ starting points and prior knowledge. Teachers regularly gather information on pupils’ progress through tests, work scrutinies and the use of well-targeted questioning.”
“Individual pupils receive more bespoke written or verbal feedback on their progress. Discussions with pupils showed that they appreciate this new approach, and they now respond more positively to their teachers’ comments.”
“Teachers plan for activities to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding.”

Although the required standards are now all fully met, our Ofsted rating of ‘Requires Improvement’ remains until the next full scheduled inspection in 2020, where we are confident that we will achieve an Ofsted ‘Good’ rating.”